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Globus is an offshoot project from Immediate Music co-founders and composers Yoav Goren & Jeffery Fayman.  Immediate is widely known for film trailer music and there's a very good chance that you've heard one of thier pieces in a theatre near you.  The 'Globus' project took those songs and themes one step further and made them into complete works connecting the music & lyrics to various artists.


Scott was honored to have been chosen for this intital project and has been asked to play a part in several other projects since. One of those projects - Futbol is Epic - has just been released; an album of football (soccer) anthems as they've never been heard before.  Truly...Epic!


Have a look and listen (R) to one of the tracks Scott has been featured on.


For more information on Globus and Immediate Music, please click on the project name above.

Madre Terra - GLOBUS



From the first GLOBUS album, entitled Epicon, this video was filmed live at Wembley arena.  Accompanied by a rock band, full orchestra and choir, this show embodied 'cinematic rock.'   An ode to mother earth, Madre Terra was written by Yoav Goren with lyrics from Frank Musker.

In Memoriam - GLOBUS

Break from this world.


The follow up album to Epicon, Break From This World featured another series of epic songs.  Scott was asked to sing lead vocals on the track In Memoriam.  On a grey, snowy December afternoon, he found himself recording in Studio 1 at the iconic Abbey Road studios.   1 man, 1 mic, 1 big song.

Storia di un grande amore.

(Juventus FC Anthem)

Futbol is Epic


An orchestral and epic version of the Juventus FC anthem and single from Immediate Music's album Futbol is Epic.

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