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Scott was born and raised in Chicago, USA and attended the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (to study engineering)  where he was part of the A Cappella ensemble, 'The Other Guys.'  After leaving college, travelling a bit and a week of auditions in New York City, he found himself in Germany, starring as Danny Zuko in Grease.  After spells in RENT & Saturday Night Fever, London's West End came calling and once in London, Scott landed 2 shows in quick succession - Notre Dame de Paris and The Witches of Eastwick


Shortly after completing these 2 shows on stage, Scott co-founded Tenors Un Limited - 'the Rat Pack of Opera', which was his main project for over 20 years.  Tenors Un Limited established itself as the UK's premier classical crossover vocal trio and took the best of popular opera, musical theatre, pop and adult contemporary music to audiences all around the world.  The group has released 3 studio albums - the most recent called The Journey  and although Scott is no longer performing with the guys, Tenors Un Limited continues on; he wishes Paul and Jem nothing but success.

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Scott is currently writing and recording his own music and has a number of works in progress. These songs have been influenced by a variety of genres, and artists such as STING, Seal, Metallica and Take 6 and can be heard in his writing style and vocal arrangement.

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More recently, Scott has been using his acting skills (and American accent) in the voice over industry.  To have a listen to his latest Voice Over reels, click on the link below.

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He has also taken part in various singing, recording and creative projects, including Globus Music - a music project that could be more simply defined as cinematic rock - combining a rock band, orchestra, choir and various lead vocalists to create something truly epic in sound and scope. 

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Scott currently lives in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia) with his wife and family.  He is a financial adviser by day, has a keen interest in cooking, is always on the lookout for great food and wine, and enjoys hiking, playing golf and cricket in his spare time.

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