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In addition to the many projects, gigs and shows Scott has been part of, he has recently begun writing and recording his own songs, inspired by a variety of people, places and personal experiences.  Here are just a few of Scott's original tracks that are well on their way toward completion...


Scott's taste in music is nothing short of diverse and his influences range from rock, pop, musicals, popular classical, metal and A cappella. 


Artists such as Sting, Seal, Metallica, Take 6 and the great Luciano Pavarotti himself have all played a part in shaping his musical development as a singer and now a songwriter. All of these can be heard in his vocal delivery and writing style.

Children of Tomorrow - a song for Syria

An anthem of hope for the millions of refugees displaced across the globe.  If this song moves you in any way, please visit my JustGiving page and help me raise money for the work the UNCHR does all around the world.

Edge of the world.

Inspired by the love of his life and his favorite place on earth - Coles Bay in Tasmania, Australia.


An anthem of remembrance, honouring all those who have lost their lives in conflict, whether foreign or domestic.

Here's a sneak peek of some of the other tracks Scott is currently working on...

A lullaby written for his children...

In Italian, the chorus translates to 'I don't know how I will live or breathe without you.'

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