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Commercial VO Reel - Scott Ciscon

Scott is also a professional voice over artist.  His neutral American voice is often described as warm & friendly. The delivery is natural, smooth and characterful - very much the 'everyman' or 'guy-next-door.' 


Now based in Tasmania, Scott works with clients from across the globe from his home studio.


Please have a listen to one of the voice-reel demos and if you'd like to get in touch regarding an upcoming voice over project you are working on, click here.

Animation VO Reel - Scott Ciscon
Documentary / Narrative Reel - Scott Ciscon
Charity Appeal VO - Scott Ciscon

Links to other voice over professionals Scott has recently worked with and recommends:

Zehra Jane Naqvi - female voice over artist

Martin Fisher - Sonic Pond Studio

TV Promo - Last Man on Earth - Scott Ciscon
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