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Commercial VO Reel - Scott Ciscon

Scott is also a professional voice over artist.  His neutral American voice is often described as warm & friendly. The delivery is natural, smooth and characterful - very much the 'everyman' or 'guy-next-door.' 


Based in Brighton, Scott can easily get to major recording studios in London and the south east or he is quite happy to produce work from his home studio.


Please have a listen to one of the voice-reel demos and if you'd like to get in touch regarding an upcoming voice over project you are working on, click here.

Animation VO Reel - Scott Ciscon
Documentary / Narrative Reel - Scott Ciscon
Charity Appeal VO - Scott Ciscon

Links to other voice over professionals Scott has recently worked with and recommends:

Zehra Jane Naqvi - female voice over artist

Martin Fisher - Sonic Pond Studio

TV Promo - Last Man on Earth - Scott Ciscon
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